2011 Reel

Guys and Dolls

Hello Hollywood!

Foreign Exchange

Fossil Fools


Walk Hard


Graphic Art



Medium: Digital
Produced at: Gentleman Scholar
Description: We created a visual interpretation of a selected poem from the Motionpoems Foundation. The result is an interpretation of
Dora Malech’s ‘Working Order’ that takes the viewer on a surreal, exploratory journey into a woman’s introspective psyche.
Credits: Read more about the project and see some behind the scenes production art at gentlemanscholar.com

Medium: Stop Motion / Digital
Produced at: Blind
Description: Motion test created for Skype's "Call Forwarding" concept.
Credits: Read more about the project and see some behind the scenes photos at Blind

Medium: Pencil / Digital
Description: Myspace commissioned poster for the top 20 albums of 2011.

Medium: Digital
Produced at: Brand New School
Description: Holiday commercial for Whole Foods
Credits: http://brandnewschool.com/Projects/WholeFoodsHoliday

Medium: Pencil / Digital / Silkscreen
Description: Logo and T-shirt design for Destination Imagination project: Girls Can Change The World.
This non profit project taught young girls the importance of making a difference in their communities.
The girls raised money to help the homeless community by recycling, collecting change, and asking for donations
such as clothing and blankets.

Medium: Digital
Produced at: Laundrymat
Description: Svedka Vodka - Cool Places Commercial.